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Non Collateral (Unsecured) Overseas Education Loans through Leap Finance:

Leap Finance launched in 2019, with a goal to provide affordable student loans with lower interest rates, hassle-free service and a simple process to high potential students. We bridge the funding gap by connecting global capital providers with high potential students in emerging markets.

At Leap Finance, we offer students the below main advantages to address the barriers found in most education financing options:

  • An Easy, Free, and Convenient Application through our online website;
  • Low-interest rate based on your profile
  • Customizable Payment Plans that allow you to pay as per your ability.

Leap Finance USPs :

  • No collateral. Ever.
  • Lowest rates (8–10%).
  • Fixed rates. Most rates are float on a variable rate such as MCLR, LIBOR
  • Full sanction amount (tuition + living).Leap Finance loan takes care of all of you. No need to worry about personal funds or burden parents. No other documents required for i20/visa.
  • Personalized customer support. We have a dedicated customer success team in India that uniquely understands you and offers prompt service.
  • 3-day painless loan sanction. Upload documents online and the loan sanctioned within 3 working days.
  • Transparent pricing in USD (no insurance, fx, change in interest rate, etc). You know what you are paying for, upfront. No unexpected payments. No unexpected changes in interest rate.
  • Fully online process. Instant loan terms without docs. Learn your exact loan terms within 10 minutes.
  • Repayment in 7–10 years. There are no prepayment penalties.
  • 6 months grace after graduation. During this period, you make a token amount of 5k INR every month.
  • Credit history in the US. Our loan repayment reflects in the US credit report. This is important if you’re looking to spend some time in the US. A US Credit history develops your financial footprint allowing you access to key services in the US such as credit cards, loans, and even sim cards/housing

How does Leap Finance offer the above?

  1. Loan assessment on future student income vs past assets. We understand the positive impact of education on your future and assess loan terms on enhanced future loan terms instead of accumulated wealth.
  2. Tech-enabled process. You receive loan terms in 10 minutes, sanction in 3 days and painless disbursements & repayments.
  3. Unique enforceability model: As a Bangalore and San Francisco-based company, our lending model allows us to lend without collateral.

Who can apply?

  1. Indians (for 2020 Fall season)
  2. STEM MS in the US
  3. Attending 2200+ programs at 209 schools at 93 universities
  4. 13 US states Texas, Arizona, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Utah, Virginia, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.
  5. Local Indian cosigner

How to apply?

  1. We would be referring you to our dedicated Leap Finance account Manager
  2. Learn loan terms in 10 minutes
  3. Submit documents online
  4. Receive sanction letter
  5. Sign loan agreement

After sanction

  1. Sanction letter eligible for i20 & visa
  2. Funds disbursed directly to the school
  3. Living expenses transferred to a bank account in the US
* Subject to changes.
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