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More About Our Loan Services

1. Education Loans for Studies Abroad?

For many Indians studying from leading global Universities is a distant dream. We need to ensure we build our profile towards the University requirements and ensure we crack the exams like GRE /GMAT/SAT and ensure our GPA is excellent. Once we are admitted to our dream university we then hit the roadblock to finance the Study abroad. The cost to study in these countries varies as per universities, courses, duration, and the cost of living. We at Edu-loans understand the complexities of attaining education loan for study abroad and therefore we have customized all the overseas education loan online solutions for each county to help and motivate brilliant minds to pursue higher studies in some of the most elite and international environments of the world.

Our customized solutions based on Eligibility, Cost and Convenience for education loan in India and abroad study have made us the most preferred platform to cater to the financial needs of students studying various different courses, in over 1000+ different Institutes, across more than 30 countries. We have over 8000+ students on our platform and we cater to over 1000 students year on year. We make sure that we provide a plethora of education loans for study abroad options within your reach across multiple countries and courses. Our data analytics analyze past trends which rate each financial provider in the parameters of Speed, Clarity and Accuracy. We ensure that you are provided the best hassle service in town to get the most economical education loan for Study Abroad.

IN order to facilitate faster turnaround, we are the first and the only digital platform to build API integration facilities with major banks of India. We provide overseas education loan online wherein we have the applicant completely fill in the entire data and upload the basic set of KYC documents. The overseas education loan online platform is comprehensive using the correct machine learning algorithms to help you ascertain your exact requirements. We are looking to make the entire overseas education loan platform Online and hassle free for the student wherein he would be requiring to fill the basic forms and we would be able to pull out his and his co signors history through PAN card databases. We have managed to reduce the operating time by over 40% for our students. We have managed to get a partial or complete integration with the financial providers wherein we are able to get the loan application logged into the system of major nationalized banks and look to perform the entire process online.

So, fly over your dreams with our easy process for overseas education loan online and adore your goals. We try our best to process your loan applications with utmost importance though our dedicated loan specialist for studies abroad solutions that are designed with industry expertise and extensive research data to assist you through the competitive platform of higher education. Our education loan for study abroad helps you get the key to your dreamland. We have dedicated loan guidance counsellors who not only help you ascertain your eligibility but also help you coordinate with the various banks and financial institutions.

Get Direction Global aims to provide education loan for study abroad that are tailored around your needs. We also provide solutions to all the hindrances that may come your way as you chase your higher education dreams. We understand the complexities of your educational loan process and therefore we try to hold your hands right from pre-admission loans for proof of funds and pre-visa disbursement loans to visa formalities, keeping in mind the right way to expedite your admission process.

We ensure that you can simply avail education loan for study abroad with our easy process which is sensitive to your needs and requirements. Get Direction Global help you pass through all the fine print and complex procedures easily to provide you with a swift, positive, and constructive educational loan experience. So simply sign up and start your student loan search today.

2. Why Take an Overseas Education Loan?

Studying overseas is a dream for many but it may exhaust all of your savings and even let you borrow money from your friends and relatives. Further, parents have generally saved the money for their retirements and you looking to use the corpus for your education creates a stress in the family. Our Overseas Education Loan Online Features will help you get a chance to keep your savings with you for safeguarding your future and take advantage of our simplified procedure for education loan for study abroad at competitive interest rates.

We believe that education loan in India for study abroad are an integral stepping stone in all the student’s efforts to achieve their dreams. Therefore, we offer you to be a primary applicant of your loan and be proudly accountable for your education and give a stress-free experience to your parents. We also believe that education loan for study abroad are the significant investments in the knowledge that will help you to bear the fruits of it for the rest of your life and help you get a better future.

3. Our Easy Application Process

We have designed a fast, transparent, and hassle-free application process for overseas education loan online while taking you seamlessly through the entire process without any glitch. Follow the below process to get the easiest education loan in India to study abroad at best interest rates.

  1. Applying for a Loan: Get your Eligibility ascertained by our dedicated loan guidance counsellor. Once you register on our website our dedicated loan guidance counsellor would call you and understand your profile. The three basic things to understand
    • Student Profile – The Student profile includes Grade Point Assessment, score in competitive exams like GRE/GMAT etc., Course of Study, University of Study and Country of Study.
    • Co-signor profile and Availability – The co signor profile is taking into consideration the Gross salary of the co-signor. Multiple Co-signors can be considered for overseas education loan but the same need to be the first Kin which means real brother sister etc. It’s important to understand the expense and existing mortgages of the co signor. In most cases the future income of the student is taken part of the family income. However, a few financial providers only consider the Co signor and hence work in the concept of Fixed Income Obligation Ratio.
    • Collateral Profile and availability – The Financial institutions use collateral as security for providing overseas education loan for study abroad. The security could be a property in the form of residential, commercial or land premises. It can also be against shares, gold etc. All financial providers give between 60% to 100% of the security value.
    At Edu loans the dedicated loan counsellor would first understand your requirements and look at your profile (Student, Co-signor & Security). We would be able to judge the eligibility for your profile for education loan for study abroad and provide the best solution in terms of Cost and Convenience.
  2. Potential – Once we have ascertained the eligibility, we then proceed onto completing your application. We provide the entire list of Documentation as well as complete the application with speed as we have partially or completely integrated our system with the financial providers
  3. Application Review – Once the documents are submitted, we completely help you in liaison with your study abroad options to various eligible options.
  4. Provisional Offer – Once all the documents have been submitted, we help you with the provisional offer for the student. Generally, we ensure the student has multiple offers so that he can choose the best one in term of cost.
  5. Providing your documents – Once you have ascertained the one offers you are going ahead; we would help you in completing the disbursal documentation.
  6. Disbursement – Once the disbursement has been submitted, we can look to provide you disbursement.
  7. Study and Grace period – We guide you through any query on study and grace period. General the financial providers may/ may not change the interest rate. We help you keep the best interest rate possible.
  8. Loan repayment – The loan repayment starts as soon as you get a job or 6 months/ 1 year from the end date of the course.
4. What we Offer?

Education is the most important investment one makes in life. Higher studies and specialization in certain fields call for additional financial support from time to time. Eduloans have worked with various financial institutions in India to create awareness to the next generation of customers and provide services at their convenience. We have collaborated with all these institutions to create a centralized system that reduces the processing time of the collateral based education loan for study abroad. Some of the banks that have shared their services with us are

Our Overseas education loan online offers many valuable advantages some of which are:

  1. We ensure you get the right and transparent information at your convenience
  2. Our dedicated loan counsellors ensure that you are provided individual guidance and we help check your eligibility with various financial providers.
  3. We help in Faster Loan Processing and Help On Negotiations for Rate Of Interest and Processing Fees with all our lenders. We know exactly the rate provided for overseas education online and education loan in India for study abroad.
  4. We have partially or completely integrated our system where in we look to provide Hassle-free and Get Direction Global Friendly Online Process for your Benefit / Convenience. We have reduced our turnaround time by 40%.
  5. We have Dedicated Loan Relationship Managers (RM’s) to service Get Direction Globals even from the Financial service providers end. We have service providers in each city to help service the loan.
  6. We help you get the Most Flexible Global / Local Interest Rates, Processing Fees and Other incidental expenses.
  7. We hereby ascertain the most Convenient Mortgage-able Security which would best satisfy your education loan for study abroad.
  8. We reduce the turnaround time by ensuring stringent follow ups on the loan status and ensure you get timely delivery.
  9. We ensure you get the Least Remittance / Forex Charges from your loan provider.
  10. We ensure our dedicated loan relationship managers give personalized Attention to every Get Direction Global
5.Why Chose Skolarrs Solutions?
  • Dedicated professional education experts available for students counselling.
  • Customized and flexible overseas education loan online as per students’ requirements.
  • Quick and easy education loan for study abroad processes.
  • Model-Based Financing.
  • Availability of structured education loan for study abroad repayment options.
  • Comfortable tenures
  • Completely Digital or Semi Digital process for education loans.
6. Flexible And Customizable Education Loan Solution

Skolarss Solutions help the students get Education loan for study abroad based on many parameters like student’s education background, collateral status, parent’s financial status, and family income. Our loan options are also customized on the basis of the student’s requirements and needs and many other factors like:

  1. 1. Loan Amount: It is important to know that Indian Government banks provide only secured loans while private banks can provide unsecured loans upto a certain limit and secured loans to any limit. For instance, SBI provides secured loans above 20 lakhs upto 1.50 crore while HDFC credila can provide unsecured loan upto 40 lacs and unsecured loans upto any amount.
  2. 2. Percentage of Loan Against Collateral Provided: The percentage of education loan for study abroad against collateral property varies with different financial institutions. For example Axis Bank provides loan upto 65 to 85 percent of the amount of the collateral property shown, 90 percent of the FD value, and 50 percent of the LIC, government bonds, and current portfolio value. On the other hand, Avanse provides loans upto 70 percent of the total amount of the property shown and 100 percent of the FD value.
  3. 3. Student Profile: For some financial institutions like InCred, it is important that the students have less than four KTs in their bachelor’s as they give more importance to students education background. There are many banks like ICICI Banks where this parameter is not taken into consideration.

There are many other factors like Collateral property, Incidental Cost, Interest Rate, Moratorium Period, Interest Rate during Moratorium period, Turn Around Time, Processing Fees, MArgin Money, and Balance Show of funds which plays an important role in customizing education loan for study abroad for students. These factors also depend upon the requirements and preferences of the students. Based on these factors and your needs, we make sure to customize the best loan option for you so that you can sign in to an easier and hassle-free application process.

Skolarrs solution
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