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Why Russia

Russia is a very well-known country for producing quality doctors. It has a history of providing good medical education and providing exposure to students from worldwide too who aspire to become doctors. Among all international students, most of them are from India. The reason being that India is a country with a huge population with a lesser number of doctors than the required standard which in turn is due to the limited number of seats in medical colleges in India.

Earlier Medical Education in Russia was offered in only the Russian language making it difficult for Indian students to clear their MCI Screening Test after completion of MBBS in Russia. But since 2001, the English medium has been started there which turned out to be very profitable for almost all Medical Colleges of Russia as well as for students of India willing to pursue MBBS in Russia. For students who have passed out they are intermediate with biology stream, can easily take MBBS Admission in Russia. The procedure is quite simple. The student should have a minimum of 50% aggregate in PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) and should be of a minimum of 17 years by the last date of that year.

Apart from the required academic qualifications, the student should apply for a passport at his nearest passport office and get it issued as soon as possible to apply for Direct Admission in Russia. The reason we call it so is that no sort of entrance exam or qualifying test is required. Hence, one requires a valid passport and eligible academic documents, and nothing else.

Now that we have explained to you the brief outline of the procedure to Study MBBS in Russia, you must be satisfied that it is really easy to become a doctor as compared to the costly MBBS courses offered in India. And after completion of your MBBS in Russia, all students are required to pass the MCI Screening Test in India with min. 50% marks to get permanent registration as doctors in India. Post that they can practice in India, open up their private clinic, apply for PG in India or anywhere else in the world, etc.

If we try to select some of the Best Medical Colleges in Russia for doing MBBS based on standards of education, resources, city life, budget, etc. then the best options would be Kazan Federal University & Kazan State Medical University. The reasons for which are mentioned below :

  • Located in the 3rd largest city of Russia i.e. Kazan
  • Located near Moscow city i.e. Capital of Russia
  • World-class hostel facilities
  • Very affordable budget
  • More than 500 Indian students already studying
  • Highest MCI passing percentage each year

We, Prologue Educational Consultants welcome all aspiring students aka future doctors to fulfill their dream of becoming doctors by joining Medical Education in Russia and serve our nation.

Nowadays a lot of Indian students are opting to study in Russia. Currently, there are more than 6,000 students Studying in Russia. The major reason for this being the fact that all universities are recognized by WHO as well as MCI. The education standards are also very higher in Russia s compared to India and other Asian countries. Most of the students opt for Russia for MBBS, but some of them also go for BDS in selected universities that are recognized by WHO and DCI.

Before some years, all students who were taking Admission in Russia needed a No Objection / Eligibility Certificate from MCI / DCI, but no such thing is required for MBBS in Russia. All that is needed now is that the student should opt for a university that is recognized by both WHO and MCI or DCI and after completion of his MBBS in Russia successfully he can return to his country and give an MCI Screening Test to start practicing medicine in India.

To take Admission in Russia, all Medical Colleges in Russia has appointed contractors for admissions. Students in their respective countries need to approach these contractors and submit their documents and fill an application form and submit their passports. These contractors get the documents verified and approved by the university directly and get the admission letter, invitation letter, and all other formalities completed for students in time. Even the journey of a student from his country to Russia is organized and managed by these contractors. These contractors then receive the student in Russia and carry out all the process for the student till his Admission to Russian University.

  • Located in the 3rd largest city of Russia i.e. Kazan
  • Located near Moscow city i.e. Capital of Russia
  • World-class hostel facilities
  • Very affordable budget
  • More than 500 Indian students already studying
  • Highest MCI passing percentage each year


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Universities & Fees Structure

# Name of Medical College City Established 1st Year Fee* 2nd-6th Year Fee / Year* Total Fee in USD(In INR)*
1 Bashkir State Medical University Ufa 1932 USD 5,500 USD 2,800 USD 19,500 (INR 12,67,500)
2 Izhevsk State Medical Academy Izhevsk 1933 USD 5,500 USD 3,100 USD 21,000 (INR 13,65,000)
3 Altai State Medical University Barnaul 1954 USD 5,500 USD 3,200 USD 21,500 (INR 13,65,000)
4 Novosibirsk State University Novosibirsk 1958 USD 6,500 USD 4,800 USD 30,500 (INR 19,82,500)
5 Kazan State Medical University Kazan 1814 USD 7,200 USD 6,200 USD 38,200 (INR 24,83,000)
6 KURSK STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY KURSK 1935 USD 6,200 USD 6,200 USD 37,200 (INR 24,18,000)
7 Volgograd State Medical University Volgograd 1935 USD 6,100 USD 6,100 USD 36,600 (INR 23,79,000)
8 Kazan Federal University Kazan 1804 USD 8,000 USD 6,250 USD 39,250 (INR 25,51,250)
9 Crimea Federal University Simferopol 1931 USD 5,500 USD 2,800 USD 19,500 (INR 12,67,500)
10 Mari State University Yoshkar-Ola 1932 USD 5,500 USD 3,000 USD 20,500 (INR 13,32,000)
11 Northern State Medical University Arkhangelsk 1932 USD 5,350 USD 4,350 USD 27,100 (INR 17,61,000)
12 Orenburg State Medical University Orenburg 1944 USD 6,870 USD 6,870 USD 41,220 (INR 26,79,000)
13 Tver State Medical University Tver 1954 USD 7,870 USD 7,870 USD 47,220 (INR 30,69,000)
14 Perm State Medical University Perm 1916 USD 5,500 USD 4,500 USD 28,000 (INR 18,20,000)
15 Far Eastern Federal University Vladivostok 1921 USD 4,000 USD 4,000 USD 24,000 (INR 15,60,000)
16 Siberian State Medical University Tomsk 1930 USD 4,000 USD 4,000 USD 24,000 (INR 15,60,000)

* Mess facility available with 100 USD /month all Indian food with 3-time meal,1 USD Apx Rs.70 INR

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study abroad consultants coimbatore
study abroad consultants coimbatore
study abroad consultants coimbatore
Novosibirsk State University
Altai State University
Bashkir State University
Cremia State University

About Kazan State Medical University

Kazan State Medical University is a multifunctional state institution of higher education in medicine. The Kazan State Medical University functions on the basis of self-governance and belongs to the system of higher education and scientific research of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

About Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University is a new university where medical education has been recently started in English medium and many students are being enrolled in this course.

* 1 USD = INR 65 applied at the time of preparing.

*Yearly fee includes tuition fee, hostel fee & medical insurance fee.

* Amount may slightly vary as per the currency exchange rate applicable from time to time.

* Eligible students can take direct MBBS Admission in Russia as per seat availability.

* Eligible students can choose the Medical Colleges in Russia as per their preference & choice.

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