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Education is the future of every nation. It would not be wrong if we consider that the development of modern times, solution of our problems, depends on the development of education. Because without improvement of our education we cannot solve the facing of problems or solve the most important issues. In other words, the level of education is the main factor that determines the level of quality that is an indicator of society.

Today, despite the dominancy of the United States, the United Kingdom, and several European developed universities in world education, other countries’ universities tend to adapt quickly to their education standards relevant to these countries and obtain new achievements. Although the quality of education in the above-mentioned countries is high, the education fee is high as well. Therefore, for the international students the main criteria, while choosing the university, is to get high-quality education with cheaper expenditure. Consequently, in terms of this Azerbaijan can be considered as the ideal country. That’s why, you should study in Azerbaijan. 


Azerbaijan is located on the Asiatic continent in the eastern part of Transcaucasia. Iran to the south, Armenia to the west, Georgia to the northwest, and Dagestan are the neighbor countries of Azerbaijan, which is confined to the east with the Caspian Sea. The total length of Azerbaijan’s land borders is 2,648 km. The three mountain ranges are together covering approximately 40% of the country. The climate of Azerbaijan is varied; it is subtropical in the mountains and very humid in the flatlands.

Its capital city Baku has several UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the architectural masterpieces Shirvanshah’s Palace and Maiden’s Tower. Baku is known for its religious tolerance and cultural diversity, and its museums contain renowned collections of both historical and modern art.

Study in Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan Medical University logo

Azerbaijan Medical University

Baku Higher Oil Academy

Baku Higher Oil Academy

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Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry

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Azerbaijan State Marine Academy

Khazar University

Khazar University

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